Sick! Belly Chain

(celkem recenzí: 50+ )
€200.00 Tax included

Embrace the joyous vibes of the Sick Belly Chain, crafted from lustrous sterling silver. This whimsical belly chain is adorned with enchanting details, including mushroom charms, heart-shaped accents crafted from shimmering nacre, and natural pearl beads. Each element symbolizes whimsy and romance, making it a must-have accessory for those who appreciate youthful sophistication and unique craftsmanship.

Whether worn solo as a statement piece or layered with your favorite summer outfits, the Sick Belly Chain exudes a carefree spirit and timeless allure. It's ideal for beach days, festivals, or casual outings, effortlessly enhancing your look with a hint of shimmer and youthful elegance.

Details: 925 sterling silver chain, fittings, and clasp; mother of pearl heart-shaped pendants; glass mushroom pendant; natural pearl beads.

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