About Silver Stories

Silver Stories Jewellery focuses on creating the perfect jewellery with the special vibe and attitude for self expression and touch of personality.

“The more jewellery the better”. Our brand was found back in 2018 in the heart of Kyiv. Our huge inspiration is endless summer days with a bit of nostalgia vibe. Summer season is very special to us. It always takes us  to good memories and journeys: wearing bathing suits all day long , hanging out with friends - this is a definition of happiness!

Aesthetics of the 90s also left its mark on the visual style of Silver Stories - sparkle stones, an experimental bold presentation, and a lot of pink colour are the highlight of the brand.

We only use sterling silver as a base for our jewellery, making it more vibrant and summery,  we use only natural minerals and stones such  as pearls, opal stones, aquamarine, moonstone, rose quarts, etc. All of our products are made by hand made by our team here in Kyiv. You will never receive and item that has not passed our hands!

The interesting fact about one of our team members is that our handcrafted jewellery maker is one of a kind, she used to engineer planes and spaceships, no joke! So be sure, our jewellery are durable and great!

We gained a lot of fans through out the globe including famous bloggers from London to Paris, and Ukrainian A-list celebrities.

What we love most of our jewellery is the mix and match of colours, bold designs and happy faces of our clients!

With love, your Silver Stories


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